Portfolio Make-up

Photography eats makeup; therefore, you need to put more makeup than what you would daily to get the natural look. When it comes to portfolio session, no artistic professional’s arrival is so keenly and anxiously expected as arrival of your makeup artist.

Khushboo Mishra, a signature makeup artist knows this well. She had orchestrated makeup sessions for many models and aspiring artists. What makes Khushboo’s professional makeup so special?

  • Makeup that’s highly suitable and professional for both broadcast and print media coverage
  • Natural, light makeup in keeping up with the outfits and theme
  • Perfect for very bright lighting conditions
  • Makeup which preserves skin tone uniformity and hides all possible skin blemishes
  • Makeup which creates photogenic touch

Makeup and hair styling by a highly experienced professional makeup artist in Delhi like Khushboo can create a great difference to the result of your portfolio photo shoot and make each shoot as perfect as it could be. Depending on the purpose of your portfolio shoot, she can sit with you and clarify the brief to your satisfaction and then deliver a makeup for your individual photo shoot needs. If you are looking for a professional and experience portfolio makeup artist, then contact Khushboo today. She uses the best makeup products ensuring that her equipments are top notch always and ready to use when she arrives at your place, fully equipped and always prepared to get started, so that you’ve the minimum amount of preparation time.

Ready to get started

All packages include makeup, hairstyling and draping for one occasion