Fashion Consultant

Making a solid first impression is important for success in your life. Khushboo can turn your first impressions into one among your best assets. She is skilled at creating as well as refining individual style. She strives to make sure that your clothes and makeup makes the best statement about you and you always look your best. She can help you to develop and express your exclusive style sense. Stepping out in the world with the perfect fit and right look can instigate you with great confidence. Looking your best can make a strong impression, heighten your profile and make others respond positively to you, which can get you more success in your life.

As a fashion consultant, Khushboo can offer you with a fully personalized experience. She starts by listening to your needs carefully and what is occurring in your life presently. She is engaging, patient, kind and fun to spend your time with. After discussing about your goals, she then considers your lifestyle, your physical attributes, and your personal fashion preference and then helps you to develop your signature look. You’ll discover Khushboo’s fashion consultant services to pay for themselves by creating great self confidence that invites greater professional and personal success.

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All packages include makeup, hairstyling and draping for one occasion